Livin The Dream

From my youth I have always wanted a job in sports. My name is Nehemiah Ward and I love every sport, And not just major sports but minor ones too. Some of my biggest memories growing up were the sports I played like basketball, archery, and bowling.

Years ago back when Oliver Purnell was the head coach of the Dayton Flyers, I asked my parents to make the Purnell Basketball camp my birthday present. It was one of the greatest things I ever experienced. My coach was Darnell Hoskins, who once won the MVP award from a basketball game in Russia. I learned so much, from skills to make my game better, to team work. The whole camp ended with my team winning the championship, and myself receiving a great evaluation from Coach Hoskins.

Unlike basketball, bowling was not a sport I was interested in. It seemed so boring just to watch it be played. It wasn’t until I moved from my home town Dayton, Ohio where I was born and raised to Centerville, Ohio where I attended Tower Heights middle school. That school opened doors for me to play sports I would have never dreamed of trying. Just the first time my gym teacher Ms. Hurley took my class to the Centerville bowling alley I threw 4 strikes in a single game. And you know what was cool about that, I won a reece’s cup candy for every one.

My childhood wasn’t like everybody else’s. I was able to do a lot of things some kids didn’t get to do, like shooting. That’s right I said shooting, but not like you might think, don’t worry I didn’t shoot people, just targets with my bow and arrows. You have to believe me when I say this, there aren’t too many things better than hitting a bulls eye. The first time I ever Hit it, I was so excited. Here’s a good tip for anyone who wants to try archery, do it in very cold weather, in the snow, I just think that environment really brought out the hunter in me.

All of my experiences playing these sports made me interested in getting a job in sports. And I always liked hearing what others said on T.V. and on the radio like Colin Cowheard and Steven A. Smith and I always thought their opinion was good, but people need to hear what I think and how I would deliver it. That’s why I’m a current student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting and studying radio and T.V. broadcasting. So I can have fun living my dream.

So far the thing I’m most proud of is being the sports anchor for my schools live newscast. In it I wrote and chose my own sports stories, and picked videos, highlights and pictures, to enhance my sports segment.

Along with broadcasting, I also enjoy writing my own sports blog, I already have some likes and follows for things I posted. I’ve written stories from UFC to MLB.


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