New Leading Man?

The most famous player from Cincinnati coming out of spring training, Imagewas Billy Hamilton. To me he’s the fastest man in baseball, during his minor league career, he was a criminal,breaking the record for the most steals in a season. But today on opening day,  I never saw that blazing speed because he never reached first base. The rookie looked lost to me in his first plate appearance,  first pitch,  fast ball right over the plate, no swing, that at bat ended up striking out while looking. The rest of the game went that way for him as he finished 0-4, striking out every time up. And The rest of the team can only go as far as their leadoff man, as they were just as unsuccessful, striking out 8 times and leaving 9 runners on base in a 1-0 loss at home on opening day.It’s obvious the way the Reds are built now, they’re not going to the playoffs. This isn’t going to get better for them, they desperately need a guy who can move runners from scoring position.  A major trade is a top priority for the Reds.


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