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This Should Be No Surprise

Lebron Jameslebron-james-nba-cleveland-cavaliers-milwaukee-bucks-850x560 dominated the Atlanta Hawks last night, almost to the degree that I predicted leading up to the game, when I audaciously said “King James” is going for 40 points. Though he wasn’t 40 point aggressive, he was hawkish, falling just 1 rebound shy of his 12th career playoff triple double. The most impressive aspect of James 30 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists, in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals is, he was without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, who had to sit out with a sore knee. James didn’t allow being short handed as an excuse, but as fuel to his fire to bring a championship to Cleveland, the team that drafted him straight out of high school in Akron Ohio.

The game 2 win guarantees Lebron a spot in the NBA Finals, he’s undefeated, 14-0 when team leads 2 games to nothing. And that will match him up with the other eventual conference champs, the Golden State Warriors, they also hold a 2-0 series lead, and like Cleveland, are also led by a guy from Akron Ohio, the MVP Stephen Curry. He’ s the best shooter I’ve ever seen in my life, this season Curry broke his own record for 3’s made in a season, and is just one 3 away from breaking the playoff 3’s record, most made in a post season.dm_150520_SC_Warriors_Rockets_Highlight This will be a monumental series, the top two players in the world Curry versus James going head to head for the NBA Championship, and my pick, is Curry and the Warriors.


You’re Really Not Getting It??

The Bible is hard to understand?… Whenever somebody says that I tell them GOD said the Bible is so simple even a child can understand it, and the Bible is so simple even a fool cannot error in it. GOD’s dictionary, or the Bible, gives a very in-depth description or definition of that word fool, Psalm chapter 14 says the fool has said in his heart, there is no GOD, so it doesn’t say the atheists have difficulty understanding it, they just don’t believe it. And that’s really true for anybody, if you believe GOD’s WORD, you’ll have no trouble understanding it.

I would Love to answer any Bible related questions that you may have, just send them to me, nothing is too hard or easy, I can’t wait to read em, thanks.

New Leading Man?

The most famous player from Cincinnati coming out of spring training, Imagewas Billy Hamilton. To me he’s the fastest man in baseball, during his minor league career, he was a criminal,breaking the record for the most steals in a season. But today on opening day,  I never saw that blazing speed because he never reached first base. The rookie looked lost to me in his first plate appearance,  first pitch,  fast ball right over the plate, no swing, that at bat ended up striking out while looking. The rest of the game went that way for him as he finished 0-4, striking out every time up. And The rest of the team can only go as far as their leadoff man, as they were just as unsuccessful, striking out 8 times and leaving 9 runners on base in a 1-0 loss at home on opening day.It’s obvious the way the Reds are built now, they’re not going to the playoffs. This isn’t going to get better for them, they desperately need a guy who can move runners from scoring position.  A major trade is a top priority for the Reds.

Livin The Dream

From my youth I have always wanted a job in sports. My name is Nehemiah Ward and I love every sport, And not just major sports but minor ones too. Some of my biggest memories growing up were the sports I played like basketball, archery, and bowling.

Years ago back when Oliver Purnell was the head coach of the Dayton Flyers, I asked my parents to make the Purnell Basketball camp my birthday present. It was one of the greatest things I ever experienced. My coach was Darnell Hoskins, who once won the MVP award from a basketball game in Russia. I learned so much, from skills to make my game better, to team work. The whole camp ended with my team winning the championship, and myself receiving a great evaluation from Coach Hoskins.

Unlike basketball, bowling was not a sport I was interested in. It seemed so boring just to watch it be played. It wasn’t until I moved from my home town Dayton, Ohio where I was born and raised to Centerville, Ohio where I attended Tower Heights middle school. That school opened doors for me to play sports I would have never dreamed of trying. Just the first time my gym teacher Ms. Hurley took my class to the Centerville bowling alley I threw 4 strikes in a single game. And you know what was cool about that, I won a reece’s cup candy for every one.

My childhood wasn’t like everybody else’s. I was able to do a lot of things some kids didn’t get to do, like shooting. That’s right I said shooting, but not like you might think, don’t worry I didn’t shoot people, just targets with my bow and arrows. You have to believe me when I say this, there aren’t too many things better than hitting a bulls eye. The first time I ever Hit it, I was so excited. Here’s a good tip for anyone who wants to try archery, do it in very cold weather, in the snow, I just think that environment really brought out the hunter in me.

All of my experiences playing these sports made me interested in getting a job in sports. And I always liked hearing what others said on T.V. and on the radio like Colin Cowheard and Steven A. Smith and I always thought their opinion was good, but people need to hear what I think and how I would deliver it. That’s why I’m a current student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting and studying radio and T.V. broadcasting. So I can have fun living my dream.

So far the thing I’m most proud of is being the sports anchor for my schools live newscast. In it I wrote and chose my own sports stories, and picked videos, highlights and pictures, to enhance my sports segment.

Along with broadcasting, I also enjoy writing my own sports blog, I already have some likes and follows for things I posted. I’ve written stories from UFC to MLB.